Shanghai Baopu Investment Co. Ltd is a privately-owned funds investing in stocks, futures and real economy.
Baopu was incorporated by professionals. Its management team consists not only of ones with investment experience of more than 20 years in China stock and future but of those with a rich experience of financial investment in North American and industrial investment management.
Baopu¡¯s philosophy is stability and sustained growth.
On stock, Baopu upholds value investment while looking into trends and fluctuations of China stock market, since we believe riding accurately the trends plays a big part to return. On future, Baopu insists on risk hedging by arbitrary with any long/short positions holding after analyzing fully fundmentals and the related policies, economic performance and background. Baopu sticks on the principle of growth stability based on value preservation, because we do not agree on the view of ¡°high return is symbiotically accompanied by high risks, which can only bring a high return on investment¡±. On the contrary, we maintain, on a long run, a high risk-taking can never bring a decent return, rather, only the investment with low or no risk can bring a juicy return. We hold the market in awe, with expertise in risks management and sophistication of awaiting opportunities rising over horizhon.
In real economy and PE, Baopu focuses on the emerging industries and the projects with a promising market potential. For the investments, we look carefully, in addition to return, if the projects are beneficial to upgrading of China¡¯s industries and products, and as a result, consumers¡¯ well-off directly.
Whether in financial markets or in real economy, we keep it plain and simple to invest in that we consider valued. We brace the philosophy to make worry-free in our investments.
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